Endo Files - Hedstrom Files

Endo Files - Hedstrom Files

Item numbers & Packaging

Size Hedstrom-Files
Pkg: 6 pieces per container
21mm 25mm 28mm
06 HF2106 HF2506 HF2806
08 HF2108 HF2508 HF2808
10 HF2110 HF2510 HF2810
15 HF2115 HF2515 HF2815
20 HF2120 HF2520 HF2820
25 HF2125 HF2525 HF2825
30 HF2130 HF2530 HF2830
35 HF2135 HF2535 HF2835
40 HF2140 HF2540 HF2840
45 HF2145 HF2545 HF2845
50 HF2150 HF2550 HF2850
55 HF2155 HF2555 HF2855
60 HF2160 HF2560 HF2860
70 HF2170 HF2570 HF2870
80 HF2180 HF2580 HF2880
90 HF2190 HF2590 HF2890
100 H21100 H25100 H28100
110 H21110 H25110 H28110
120 H21120 H25120 H28120
130 H21130 H25130 H28130
140 H21140 H25140 H28140
15-40 H21154 H25154 H28154
45-80 H21458 H25458 H28458



Hedstrom Files

Hedstroms file where the flute depth increases with the taper of the instrument. 
This creates a sharper, more flexible and durable instrument.