Prophy Paste Cups

Prophy Paste Cups

Item numbers & Packaging

Available Grit / Flavor: 

  • Fine Grit, Mint (PHPSF1)
  • Fine Grit, Pina Colada (PHPSF2)
  • Fine Grit, Rapsberry (PHPSF3)
  • Medium Grit, Mint (PHPSM1)
  • Medium Grit, Pina Colada (PHPSM2)
  • Medium Grit, Rapsberry (PHPSM3)


Prophy Paste Cups - Mint, Raspberry Pina Colada Flavor (box of 200)

Prophy Paste in Cups

Clean & Shine Prophy cups with Floride and available with dfiferent flaver and grits. 

Each box comes with cups and ring for ease of handling.

200 cups per box